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Root Canals

Cavities that have gone unnoticed and untreated can cause moderate to serious pain and infections. These types of infections will not heal on their own and require a root canal by your dentist to prevent further damage and possible immune system compromise. More than a simple filling, a root canal must remove the infected tooth pulp, or nerve area deep inside your tooth. Regular checkups are essential for preventing root canals or catching them before they become more serious and painful.
Dental Extractions - Family Dentistry in Waite Park, MN


At times, tooth decay, disease, damage or crowding may require that one or more of your teeth be removed to relieve your pain and keep your mouth healthy. For many people, wisdom tooth extraction is necessary during young adulthood. These are routine procedures and should not cause undue alarm. With proper care and attention, most patients recover quickly with minimal discomfort from this procedure. Our dental team will equip you with post-op instructions and tips that will facilitate a quick and complication-free healing process.
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